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Dr. Andrew Simon, ND, BCB

Integrative Primary Care & Biofeedback Practitioner
Seattle Met Top Doctor 2017-2020


Change your approach to primary care health, become more resilient to stress, and improve your ability to focus in a sustainable and integrative way.

Integrative Physician

Dr. Simon embodies 3-4 practitioner skills into one holistic approach that provides true integrative primary care you expect from your family physician.  Your Primary care provider should be someone that will advocate for you, and be your health accountability coach.

Biofeedback & Mind Body Medicine

Let’s Build a skilled foundation for your nervous system. One that improves your resilience to stress, depression, and anxiety. Learn researched, systematic, and sustainable ways to improve your connection to your body and your mind.

Functional Healthcare

Dr. Simon uses a functional and holistic approachFrom the physical mechanics of your body, the hormones & neurotransmitters, the use of energy and nutrition, and the interconnectedness of your mind to your body.

About Dr. Andrew Simon

Dr. Andrew Simon is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Seattle Washington. Clinic Director of Rebel Med NW, Ballards Top Integrative Medical Clinic, as voted by Seattle Met Magazine as Top Doctor 2017-2020. Completed Bastyr Center for Natural Health CNME Accredited Residency, and subsequent clinical professor and supervisor. Dr. Andrew Simon uses clinical research, best evidenced based practice, and functional medicine approaches to help his patient base and community become more resilient and efficient in their individual health.

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