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Dr. Andrew Simon, ND, BCB

Integrative Primary Care & Biofeedback Practitioner
Seattle Met Top Doctor 2017-2020


Change your approach to primary care, become more resilient to stress, and improve your ability to focus in a more sustainable and functional way.

Integrative Physician

Dr. Simon embodies 3-4 practitioner skills into one holistic approach that provides true integrative primary care you expect from your family physician.  Your Primary care provider should be someone that will advocate for you, and be your health accountability coach. Being able to diagnose, treat, prescribe, refer as needed while providing an integrative options for care that gives you freedom in your health care decisions.

Biofeedback & Mind Body Medicine

Let’s Build a skilled foundation for your nervous system. One that improves your resilience to stress, depression, and anxiety. Learn researched, systematic, and sustainable ways to improve your connection to your body and your mind. Learn how the effects of a dysregulated nervous system can alter your health and physiology, and learning how over time you can reverse these effects.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Simon uses a functional and holistic approach through his training as a Naturopathic Physician, and Mind Body Medicine Expert. Using the natural physical mechanics of your body, normal and functional physiology, biochemistry and nutrition Dr. Andrew Simon teaches you how to optimize both your physical health & energy while maintaining a sense of regulated mental health and stress resiliency.

About Dr. Andrew Simon

Dr. Andrew Simon is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Seattle, Washington

Clinic Director of Rebel Med NW, Ballards Top Integrative Medical Clinic, as voted by Seattle Met Magazine as Top Doctor 2017-2020.

A Bastyr University trained, clinical professor & supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Dr. Andrew Simon uses clinical research, evidenced informed clinical practice, while using functional medicine approaches to help his patient base and community become more resilient and efficient in their individual health goals.

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Patient Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Rebel Med. They treat the whole person which leads to improved quality of life. The journey to getting where you want to be takes work, and they provide the structure needed to create the space for change.
Most conventional healthcare is transactional; this is mutual and personal. Dr. Simon is knowledgeable, professional, and actually help you understand what is going on in your body.
There is no denying the need for specialized care like cancer care, but for health, wellness, and a better understanding of how to live and thrive in the body you inhabit everyday, go see them. Rebel Med is healthcare at its finest.

I started seeing Dr. Simon a few months ago, after finally listening to family members’ recommendations of Naturopathic medicine. I have never been so grateful I’ve listened to my family, as my experience with Dr. Simon has been an incredible experience. I can’t imagine having any other doctor in my life after working with him. He is MULTI talented in his approach, integrating traditional medicine, counseling, body work, mind work, mindfulness, and so much more. I’ve learned SO much, from the body systems at a higher level, the mind-body-health connection, tips and tricks for making day-to-day life more healthy and enjoyable, and much more. I couldn’t recommend Rebel Med more.

A great doctors office that crosses between traditional medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. The staff and clinics are all wonderful and it’s easy to get in be seen when needed. Just the best!

Dr. Simon is a well trained naturopathic physician fluent in many different treatment options. I appreciate the time he takes to educate and explain every step of the way!